Real Estate Property Type in Thailand.

June 30, 2021

 Thailand is one of the top Countries for Investment. As It’s 2nd most visited country in the Asia Pacific country. The Country also considers a home of Beautiful and Exotic islands. Beautiful beaches, Tracking Type mountain, Clean river and Waterfall, Beautiful Weather and funloving nightlife.

Beauty and visit of Foreign tourist attract the investor to invest in Thailand. So, to Control the Excess investment, the Thai Government control the buy and sales with the rules. So, Investors have to understand the basic guideline related to the type of property and some more basic Idea i.e. Law of Property, Investment policy and Criteria etc.

When We discuss the Real Estate property Type in Thailand. Then we come with some basic information like. 

  1. Residential Real Estate
  2. Commercial Real Estate.
  3. Industrial Real Estate.
  4.  Land.
  5. Special Purpose Real Estate.

  1. Residential Real Estate: 

             It’s cover all type of property which is used for residential Purposes i.e. 

  • Condo, 
  • Apartment
  • Single Family house. 
  • Duplex family House. 
  • Townhouse.
  1. Commercial Real Estate:

             Property that is used for the commercial use i.e.

  • Apartment Complexes. 
  • Gas Station. 
  • Grocery Stores. 
  • Hospital.
  • Hotels & Restaurants.
  • Office.
  • Parking facilities. 
  • Shopping centres. 
  • Theatres. 
  1. Industrials Real Estate: 

It included the Property which is used for manufacturing Goods, production of products, distribution of products, Storage and research and development, factory, as well as Warehouse and powerplant etc. 

  1. Land:

The land is classified for commercial and residential use. Its includes different type of land used for a different purpose.  I.e.

  • Underdevelop property. 
  • Vacant land
  • Agriculture land Include farms, Orchards, Ranches etc.
  1. Special purpose Real Estate: 

These properties are specific to public use i.e. Cemetery, Government buildings, libraries, parks, Religious Worshing buildings, Schools, etc. 


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