Land categorized in Bangkok Zone.

October 30, 2021

Have you ever wondered that what is the purpose of zoning land or city planning into different colours? In addition, each colour of that area has different importance and how? For those who will invest or do business related to real estate. Studying the colour of the city plan is important. Because we need to know, what colour the area we are interested in is in the city planning area because the construction law is clearly stated. That each colour of the area can be built, they can also estimate the price of that area appropriately.
Today, we will explain in detail the colour of city planning in the “ Bangkok Metropolitan Region ” area, which is an important area and investment resource. 

What is the meaning of each colour And what can be built in such an area? Let’s go see.

Bangkok city plan and vicinities there are 6 types of land categorized as follows:

  1. Residential land

Divided into 3 colors, the code is “Y” from Yor.1-Yor.10,
area  “Yellow”,  low density of living. Located in the suburbs, code from Yor.1 – Yor.4 Land Yor.1 can only build single houses Land Yor.2 can build townhouses Land Yor.3 can build small and medium-sized condominiums. Important to suburban areas that are in the service area of ​​the mass transit system.
The  “orange”  area has a medium-density of living. Located in the area contiguous with the inner city, the code is Yor.5-Yor.7, can build all kinds of housing. If a condominium with an area of ​​more than 10,000 square meters, it must be located along a road with a road boundary of not less than 30 meters, or within 500 meters from the mass transit train, in
the  “brown” area. High living density according to the darkest shades It is an area in the inner city, the code is Y.8-Yor.10, can build all kinds of housing. Because the land has a high value, such as a condominium, etc.

This area will be used “red” mainly for commercial purposes. Residents can be built. The code is Phor 1-Por. 5,
Phor. 1 and Phor. 2 areas, focusing on the development of land to be a commercial centre of the community. In the distribution of trading activities, The centre of business, trade, services, and recreation facilitates people’s daily lives in suburban
areas, unlike those in Por. Three aimed at the general public. It is not limited to residents of the area only.
Area 4 is intended to be a centre for business, trade, services and recreation, including tourism. Because it is located in the service area of ​​the mass transit system, it can be accessed.
Area 5 is a centre for business, trade, services, recreation and tourism.

  • Industrial land

This area will use “Purple”, the code is A.1-A.3. Able to build a residence such as a detached house, dormitory or a small condominium. including creating a store But can not build high-rise buildings and large condominiums.
District 1 for low-pollution business,
District 2 focuses on the manufacturing industry,
District 3 Si Meadrang, used as a warehouse area for transportation in the East Asia region. south

  • Rural conservation and agriculture land and rural and agricultural land

There are two types of colors in this area: “White bordered with green diagonal lines”. It is a type of rural and agricultural conservation land, codes A.1 – Kor.5. The purpose of this type of land use is to conserve natural resources. of rural areas and agricultural areas Promoting saltwater and brackish aquaculture including promoting the agricultural economy

  • Conservation-type land to promote Thai identity and culture

It is located in the inner Bangkok area. There are “light brown”  codes, Sor 1 and Sor 2. The purpose is to conserve and promote the national cultural identity. This includes commercial, service and tourism activities. to promote tourism economic activities

  • Land in the category of government institutions Public utilities and utilities

The colour of the land is “blue”. Sor code is state land. which will be used as a government institution or undertaking governmental affairs related to public utilities and utilities or for public benefit.

Reference information from:
website of the City Planning Office


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