Want to sell land, how to do it? 4 Ways to Help Sell It Quickly and Without Loss

August 3, 2022

Want to sell land but don’t know where to start? Let’s take a look at 4 ways you can sell your land quickly. The slowdown in the real estate market, especially during this period, continues. Is it a sales channel What needs to be considered including how to determine the price without losing you can find the answer in this article?

If you want to sell the land then do not forget to check the title deed of the land.

Start by checking the title deed of the land you want to sell first. What type of land title deed is this? Can it be sold legally? Based on the docs code in the top right. And the Garuda seal on the authority document is as follows:

Sor Kor Nung (1)

It entitles the holder to buy and use the land ( Generally for farming). This land may be sold and transferred by inheritance. Depending upon the location, the title deed may be upgraded to a title deed Nor. Sor. 3, Nor. Sor. 3 Gor or Nor. Sor. 4 Jor ( chanot)

Nor Sor Song(2)

This document entitles the holder to use the land for a temporary period of time. This Land may not be sold or transferred except by inheritance.

Nor Sor 3 Gor:

The land is measured by the land department, therefore its area is exact and correctly measured.  The land can be sold, transferred, leased or mortgaged in as same way as the land with the freehold title deed ( chanote).

Nor Sor 3:

This title deed land area cant is measured by the Land department, so the land has no exact boundaries.  

Choose a Suitable Land Sales Channel

Choosing the right sales channel If you want to sell land quickly, there are several channels to choose from:

– Real Estate Advertise  Website

It is a popular channel for those who want to advertise their land for sale. Currently, there are many websites to choose from. Well, the way to choose the website to post that announcement. Choose a website with a large number of visitors. This will make your land sale announcement more visible.

Declaration of land for sale is a simple, preliminary method, that is, the information must be complete, accurate, and clear, whether it is the price, the nature of the land, and the location. It is very important to have a clear picture. . whether the land itself or the surrounding area

– Other online channels

Like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok or Group Line. These online channels are exclusive. And relatively quick to communicate with buyers but because it is a relatively open channel used by many people but sometimes even fraudsters can be hidden. The seller and buyer themselves should consider carefully before taking any action.

– Make an announcement

This is a traditional method often used by marking the land to be sold. If you don’t buy it yourself, you’ll tell it verbally, which is a method that many people still use.

– Use a broker/ Agents  to help advertise land sales

Another service that helps those who want to sell land comfortably. It gets even faster because of the broker or real estate agents often have a large number of clients. There are several ways to announce a sale. Whether website posting other online media or even banners

The advantage of using a broker is convenience. You don’t have to do things yourself, but you do have to pay a fee. The commission, also known as an exchange, is charged at 3% of most land value.

  • Set the Right Price

If you want to sell land quickly and without loss, the important thing is to determine the right selling price for the land. Which is the appropriate word? Several aspects should be considered as follows:

– Land Valuation This is a basic way to check the value of your land. This will be updated every 4 years by the Treasury Department’s land appraisal, but the current cycle is still the same as the year 2021. For example:

– Sale price at the same location Try to check with real estate intermediary websites that advertise land for sale at the same location to see what the estimated value is. Or call the phone number on the sign for the sale of land to inquire. to check the price

Don’t forget to calculate various expenses, including land improvement fees, such as a 1% transfer fee, by determining the fair value. and fencing fee, if any, to determine the selling price without loss

Also, if the land is in a good location, such as next to a train station, on the main road, or a beautiful plot of land can do many benefits or even increase the right price according to feng shui

  • Increase the cost of land by filling the land

If you want to sell land and want to add value to the land before selling it, land reform is one method that can help. Along with filling the soil, they also help in making your land beautiful. This allows buyers to develop more easily than land that has not yet been filled. Whether to build a house or to build other buildings

Since it takes about a year for soil to freeze, if you start filling it early, it adds value. and helps to close the sale of land faster

If you want to sell land quickly and don’t lose money, don’t forget to consider the above details, with the value of land keeps on increasing. Believing that it will help you make a profit from the sale of land is not difficult.


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