Update! Home Loan Interest Rate by the bank in Aug 2022.

August 3, 2022
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The home interest rate or home loan is the instalment schedule for the purchase of a single house, twin house, townhouse or condo for those who borrow through a bank to buy a home. Hence, anyone who is still not able to choose which bank to buy a home from may be worried.

Property Advantage has compiled home interest rates. Let’s compare and see the updates for the month of August 2022 from various banks like Kasikorn Bank, Siam Commercial Bank, Bangkok Bank, Krung Thai Bank, Government Savings Bank, Thai Military Bank, Ayodhya Bank

Which banks offer the lowest home interest rate home loan? What are the conditions? To help facilitate credit selection considerations for those who are deciding to buy a home or condo with ease with the help of calculating home loan instalments

In August 2022, most banks had average home loan interest rates for the first 3 years set from July 2022. Only a few financial institutions had adjusted interest rates on home loan products. The lowest average interest for the first 3 years comes in the ranking. The interest rates on bank houses are as follows:

Reference: facebook.com/gurulivingth

*** Average home loan interest rate for first 3 years is calculated from mathematical average only ***

Source of a minimum average interest rate for the first 3 years*. You can download different types of mortgage interest rates. See more details of each bank such as annual interest rates, loan amount and other information here: Download Mortgage Interest Rates from the specific Bank Website.


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1 Comment

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