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May 29, 2021
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Thailand is one of the Top Listed countries in terms of Tourism. For the Past two decades, in Thailand, a lot of foreigners have been spending their income to acquire properties in Thailand. 

  • Planning to buy Property.

Property is a large investment for middle-class families, But it’s also one of the most trending Investments of Life for the long term. For Planning to buy a property we need to follow some important points to consider 

Know what we want : 

Usually, House is a dream of every family and for the investor it’s a long-term investment strategy. So usually while selecting the best investment of our Life. We prepare List of our requirements.

  • Select the location and area. 
  • Available features in the House, Condo etc. 
  • List the non-essential features also to make sure to keep options for a good investment.

Fix the budget for Investment.

Budget is a big thing in every Investment. It’s always to check our current financial status and measure the future plan. It helps us to understand and decide how much amount is possible to borrow and Easily repay. If you consult any financial Consultant then its makes better sense also for investment strategy. To follow the strategy We have kept at such a point in Our mind. 

  • Your current Situation and Circumstances and Financial Commitments.
  •  Any Upcoming Future plan, i.e. getting married, increasing family, moving house or family, kids higher study plan, etc. 
  • Possible change in the bank interest rate, market price or unemployment.


The cost of the property includes a lot of hidden Charges. While buying we need to focus on those hidden costs apart from Property costs. 

  • Transfer fee
  • Stamp Duty fee
  • With Holding tax
  • Business Tax
  • Legal and Conveyancing fees
  • Loan Fee

Apart from it Some extra cost will be added after getting Ownership : 

  • Loan Payment Amount as per your terms and Condition acceptance. 
  • Insurance cost of Your property (if Any) 
  • Household fee
  • Society Security and  Maintenance fee. 
  • Land or House Tax ( if Applicable) 

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