How do we support our Customers to sell their property in Thailand?

April 17, 2021

Property Advantage offers a Real Estate Brokerage Business providing a One-stop service Buy, Sell, and property dealing. Owner, No need to waste time picking up many calls or brings the customer to see the property by themselves.

We provide full Consultancy and a high level of support at every stage in Buying and selling at many of the best locations in Bangkok, Ayuttaya, Kanchanaburi, Pattaya, Khonkaen, and Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai Nakhon Ratchasima Phuket, Phetchaburi, and many more parts of Thailand. Except for three provinces in the Southern part of Thailand

Our Staffs have extensive experience in the Property markets and provide the highest quality of seamless services, confidence, and value to our customers. As we believe, our customer’s happiness is our pride. Many of our customers use our service more than once and recommend their friends to use our service.

Our properties business includes:

  • Commercial and Residential Property
  • Factory
  • Hotel and resort
  • Warehouse for sales
  • Office for sales
  • House and land for sales
  • Land for sales
  • Farm for sales

Other or any customer looking for specific real estate as mentioned above.

The Ingredients of Successful at Property Advantage team focuses on the owner, buyer, and Property Advantage, broker.  We start by providing a proper Advertise process both Online & Offline, Valuable support and educational Opportunity. Our teams always ensure a high standard of Real estate service to each of our customers

It includes the nine important Points.

  • Install Hoarding board in front of the property Size 3 meters about the sales. We fix it stiff Iron rod and Waterproof material for long-lasting. Make it clear and Visible for everyone.
  • Upload property detail in 100-120 Websites/groups (Both Thai/ English) to do Online marketing.
  • Company Staff actively share and keep updating on the various website every month to stay on the first page or make more people reach.
  • Company Staff received every call and verified the potential buyers only before bringing them to see the property.
  • Assist in applying and collaborating with the bank for the buyers if needed.  
  • Prepare the documents and agreement contact during deposit to buy and make the appointment date to transfer to be the new owner at the land Office.
  • Take care while transferring the land to an owner in the Government land office.
  • After one year, if the property can’t be sold. The customer doesn’t need to pay any expense to our Company. If it is sold, then we can charge a 3% commission from the sales price.  


Estate agents with a 7-year of Experience in the Estate market and 32 Year of Experience in Quality Inspection Service.

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